The Cut Of Your Diamond

Jan 24, 2017

While I’m driving to work each day I see beaten up cars modified with mags and other flash trimmings and find myself questioning the logic in investing so much on an asset with no inherent quality. For me, it’s the perfect analogy when I’m thinking about the role of a diamond’s cut: why would you buy a colourless stone with few imperfections but no sparkle?

Of the four ‘C’s the ‘cut’ is the most important characteristic of a diamond and has the most influence overall of the diamond’s appearance.

At first glance of any round brilliant cut diamond you will notice wow this is stunning or hmmm there’s really no sparkle. This is all to do with how a diamond is cut to allow for maximum light play. If a diamond is cut too deep the light will escape out the sides or if too shallow the light escapes out of the bottom and therefore provides no sparkle at all. It is so important to have a diamond cut just right so the light goes in and bounces straight back off the table to give you the sparkle.

GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) certified diamonds highest cut grade is an Excellent. My advice to any buyer is at least have the overall cut grade Excellent and if the budget allows have ‘Triple Excellent’ which means not only is the cut grade Excellent the Symmetry and Polish are Excellent too. A ‘Triple Excellent’ is the highest grade a round brilliant cut diamond can be given and the scintillation and light performance is out of this world.

With Fancy cuts, ie Princess, Cushion Cuts, Radiant’s Pears, Ovals, Emeralds etc there is no overall cut grade. There is only a Symmetry and Polish grade given. Again go for the highest grades given.

If you would like to learn more about the Four C's visit here, or if you’ve never seen a ‘Triple Excellent’ please feel free to pop in and see for yourself how truly magnificent these are.