How To Purchase Engagement Rings Tax Free

Mar 3, 2017

In New Zealand you are able to save the tax on the purchase of your diamond ring if you travel overseas. How Does This Work? Once you have purchased your ring it is delivered by us to The Collection Point a business run by the airport who will hold the ring until you travel. When you have passed through Customs at the airport you will give The Collection Point documents we prepare and give to you for collecting your ring. Once you have presented these documents they will give you your ring and you are free to go to your aircraft and enjoy your travels. What Do You Save? The sales tax-called GST- is 15% of the purchase price. You can save this by taking the ring out of the country-so if your ring costs $9,000 with tax your cost will be $8,126 saving you $1174 less the airport handling cost of $300. If your purchase is $3000 or less it is not as cost effective to do the above. Many people take advantage of this tax savings which helps pay for their holiday. Can you think of a more romantic way to save money?