Eternity Rings

Mar 3, 2017

"The traditional eternity ring is made of a continuous circle of precious metal set with diamonds and/ or other precious stones. The circle of the ring symbolises never ending love!

The eternity ring is usually worn together with the wedding ring and engagement ring. It also looks beautiful on the right hand as a standalone ring.

The eternity ring can also be a half set ring which means diamonds are set half way around rather than set all the way around. There is a 3/4 set eternity ring option also. The advantage of the above rings means at any stage in life the ring can be resized. So whether you chose a full hoop or half hoop the ring looks stunning and can accommodate various size diamonds to meet ones budget. Several design choices are available including claw set, where the diamonds are raised on the band and channel set where the diamonds are set into the band. You can also choose a single row of diamonds or multi rows of diamonds as additional options.

You also have an option to design your own eternity ring to capture your own story such as adding blue or pink stones to signify a son or daughter. Rubies, Sapphires or Emeralds can be used also to signify a birthstone or simply your favourite colour.

The eternity ring is a symbol of continued love between two people. It can be given for special occasions such as anniversaries, the birth of a child, a special birthday, a promotion or any landmark in ones life. I really love the beauty and symbolism of the eternity ring which conveys lasting memories for the recipient to be enjoyed each and every day! "