How A Custom Engagement Ring Is Made

Mar 3, 2017

"Once you have selected your diamond your next decision is to choose an engagement ring that your partner will love. The way the ring is crafted is extremely important; it represents an investment that you want to withstand the test of time.

I recommend that you choose a highly skilled jeweller who can hand make your ring. An experienced jeweller will have the ability to design and create a hand crafted piece of jewellery that will reflect her individual style and be treasured forever.

The Diamond Shop team have enjoyed assisting clients by designing and crafting diamond engagement rings for many years. This process can be achieved by the following methods:

Providing a photo or printed image of the ring design that you would like to create.

Choosing from the numerous ring models we have on our website or in our Queen St shop.

Creating your own design features which we will review with you then produce a CAD (computer aided design) image for your approval.

A phone call 0800 888 757 or an email is all you need to get the ball rolling.

Our workshop employs highly trained and experienced CAD (computer aided design) designers using the latest technology and software. We work closely with clients to achieve the ‘look’ they require for their engagement ring. When the design is completed we send the CAD image for our client’s approval. Once this process is completed we begin the hand crafting of their special ring.

Your ring starts its life as a half centimetre square by four centimetres long bar of gold or platinum. This bar is transformed and crafted using both traditional and modern tools and compressed and hammered into shape. The finer work is completed using a jeweller’s saw and fine files. The setting (top part of the ring that holds the central diamond) is hand crafted specifically to hold the diamond you have selected and then soldered to the ring shank. This entire process is achieved through the use of age old and time tested jewellery techniques.

Once your ring completes its handcrafted stage it goes to our diamond setter. Diamond and gem setting is an important ‘stand-alone’ skill set which requires years of experience. Once our setter secures your diamond into its setting your ring goes to the polisher. Polishing your ring brings the metal to life and allows the precious metal to shine forth its natural beauty. (See our video relating to crafting a ring).

A cheaper jewellery making technique is casting. A mould is made in the shape of a ring and liquid metal is poured into the shape of the mould which hardens and produces a cast. Cast rings are mainly mass produced and are often structurally weaker and thinner than hand made jewellery. Because they are mass produced you may see the same ring on another woman’s finger.

A hand made ring is a unique ring that is stronger due to the hammering and heating processes during manufacturing that improve the metal quality. It is our experience that hand made rings wear better and last longer than cast rings. They are also easier to modify or re-size than a cast ring.

We hope we have given you some idea in this summary of the very involved jewellery-art processes and care taken to create your handmade jewel. We are very proud of the designers and craftsmen that work with us to create a lasting treasure. The entire team at The Diamond Shop embrace a passion for the art of jewellery and their importance to our clients.

Please watch our video to see how your ring is made."