NZ's Million Dollar Diamond

Mar 3, 2017

In May 2006, The Diamond Shop made headlines by selling New Zealand’s first million-dollar diamond. The Star of New Zealand is a very large, high quality round brilliant diamond weighing just under 20 carats. The record-setting jewel was mined in South Africa, cut in Israel and brought to New Zealand with the help of New York-based diamond jewellery manufacturers Beny Sofer, with whom The Diamond Shop have enjoyed a long relationship. 

Exposed for the first time at an invitation-only champagne party at The Diamond Shop’s Queen Street store, The Star of New Zealand attracted huge public interest. Just a week after arriving in the country, it was snapped up over the phone by a buyer from Christchurch, who wished to remain anonymous. As Lior Sofer of Beny Sofer explained to the New Zealand Herald, it's high value makes it an unlikely candidate for being worn as jewellery. New Zealand’s largest and most expensive diamond seems destined to become a treasured heirloom for one very lucky family.