Proposing With A Temporary Ring Setting

Mar 3, 2017

"Our 'secret' to help guys buy a diamond engagement ring: the ‘Yes’ ring. Creating a win-win for you and your partner.

Men that are considering buying a diamond engagement ring have several thoughts and emotions they may experience; excitement, apprehension, ring design, and last but not least worry about 'how much it will cost'.

At the same time your partner's thoughts and emotions might include; excitement, apprehension, and last but not least worry about 'how the ring will look'.

Do we have a problem here? Not really, because Here's The Secret ! It's called the 'Yes' ring which is really a temporary ring setting that we provide free. The temporary ring setting looks like a ring and holds the diamond you purchased so she can try it on when you present it to her. Your romantic moment becomes perfect for her and you. Why ?, because you have solved and managed your concerns about ring design and cost.  Sweet ! And she gets to enjoy the romantic opportunity with you of taking your diamond and finding 'her dream ring' the one she has always wanted.  She's happy and you're happy, the perfect win-win.

All loose diamonds purchased from The Diamond Shop are offered with a temporary setting with no additional cost, as well as the same beautiful wooden presentation box you would receive if you ordered a fully set engagement ring.

So what exactly is a temporary setting ? A temporary setting is a base metal ring, plated to look like platinum. The temporary setting holds the diamond with compression but does not harm the diamond. It is made for the moment of presentation so your partner can try the diamond on her finger.  It is not made and not suitable or safe for her to wear with the diamond but works beautifully for her to try it on at the big moment. The diamond can be released from the setting simply by squeezing the temporary setting together."