What Is A Tiffany Setting?

Mar 3, 2017

The Tiffany mount or Tiffany setting is the generic name widely used in the jewellery industry to identify a classic diamond solitaire ring design. The classic Tiffany setting has a set of prongs called a claw, crown or coronet and these prongs are attached to the band.The well finished prongs securely hold the diamond and due to the polish the prongs do not snag on clothing. Having six prongs also means the diamond is held safe and secure which makes the ring ideal for everyday wear.

It is a popular and timeless setting for a diamond solitaire engagement ring and showcases the beauty and brilliance of the diamond to its full potential.

There are many setting variations available now. You can have the option of single claws or double claws, a tulip shape also known as a ‘U ‘shape setting, a ‘V’ shape setting and even a ‘W’ shape setting. You may add decorative scrolls, such as heart shapes, between the prongs.

The band variations range from a solid band with or without little daylight cut outs in the shoulders, a tapered or non tapered band, a rounded or flat profile band and you can also add a sprinkle of diamond accents in the shoulders.

The 6 claw ‘Tiffany’ style setting can be designed and made just for you with your individual preferences. Like to know more ? feel free to contact me directly for suggestions or to help assist with your bespoke ring.