Titanium Wedding Rings

Mar 3, 2017

"Often when I’m dealing with wedding ring customers I come across men who have never worn any jewellery in their life. Lucky for them their fiancée often has the last say and they end up choosing a Titanium ring once they are made aware of the benefits.

There are several factors (apart from the fiancée’s influence) that make Titanium wedding rings appeal to men.

Firstly they are affordable-often half the price of a similar ring in 18K yellow or white gold.

Secondly they are extremely light which appeals to those not used to wearing jewellery.

Titanium is a natural element that is extremely strong and durable (it has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal) and Titanium wedding rings require very little maintenance. Titanium rings are ideal for those who love the out doors such as fishing or swimming. Titanium wedding ring won’t corrode or tarnish and they are also 100% hypoallergenic so you won’t get any adverse skin reactions. Manual workers have the option of aircraft grade Titanium which is made even stronger with additional alloys.

Rumours that Titanium wedding rings cannot be cut off your finger in the case of an emergency are a myth. The ring can easily be removed and you can keep your finger too.

Today there is a wonderful selection of Titanium wedding rings on the market including designer styles which offer a nice change to traditional plain gold wedding rings. The smoky-grey Titanium colour can be enhanced with inlays such as gold,silver and platinum or for those who like designer styles which can also match their bride’s ring. Diamonds can also be set into your Titanium wedding ring to enhance the look.

Titanium offers a fresh modern look to wedding rings and offer a hard wearing and handsome look at an affordable price."