Wedding Rings: Trending For Women

Mar 3, 2017

"Just like home decor, art and fashion, jewellery also goes through design trends. Some historical examples include Victorian mourning jewellery, the Rococo styles of the Edwardian period and the distinctive linear designs of Art Deco jewellery. Here are some of the latest trends in wedding rings for the women of today.

Platinum, the metal of choice during the Edwardian Period has reemerged some 100 years later to become once again, today’s metal of choice. Yes, white is ‘Hot’ both for engagement rings and wedding rings. This beautiful precious white metal is ideal for jewellery. Why? -it is very durable, it naturally maintains its beautiful white shine (unlike 18k white gold), it is hypo-allergenic, it won’t tarnish and platinum withstands the ‘test of time’. And the good news; for the first time ever the cost of this rare and premium metal is similar to gold. Why?-the gold price has surged in recent years due to speculation. So the trend towards white with wedding rings makes platinum your perfect choice.

Bling for the wedding ring is ‘In’. Diamonds are no longer exclusive to the engagement ring. Including diamonds in your wedding ring gives it a touch of distinction and beauty. Diamonds an be set either in a channel, bead or claw set set individually next to one another. This can be done to match similar diamond settings in the engagement ring or it gives a standalone look for your wedding band. In both choices you achieve an elegant sophisticated look.

Vintage wedding rings are another popular choice and often feature a milgrain edge (small round patterns), delicate filagree work and scrolled engravings. Options include old cut diamonds set into the band giving the ring an antique look.

Engraving your wedding ring gives a personal aspect that evokes a special meaning. Engraving a date, name(s), or a simple message on the inside of the ring has become a huge trend.

Choosing a wedding ring is a symbolic and interesting journey. I hope I have assisted you in your choice of ring that expresses your own personality."