Craftmanship - Our bespoke process.

In an age of mass-produced everything, we take pride in our handiwork. All rings are handcrafted to order in our Auckland workshop, ensuring no two are ever quite the same. Each one-of-a-kind piece is wrought from a solid bar of precious metal using traditional gold smithing techniques. It is then passed to a specialist stone-setter, who fits the selected diamond(s) before it is engraved, finished, and polished to a flawless shine. The result of this two week process is a uniquely beautiful ring, made and worn with pride.

custom diamond rings design
Timeless style meets enduring quality.

By its nature, individually handcrafted jewellery will always be of a higher standard than mass-produced jewels. The technical skills and attention to detail of master jewellers and stone setters, whose talents have been honed over years of experience, are what set our bespoke engagement rings apart. Like a tailored suit or couture dress, the difference is subtle yet undeniable.

timeless custom diamond rings design

“We had very clear ideas on how the ring should look like and the final make of this piece of custom-made jewellery has exceeded our expectations”

Sarah and Simon

“Whilst I was at first hesitant dealing with someone online, Nicola quickly dispelled any fears I may have had and suggested we met in person at their showroom.”

Iain and Kirsty

“The ring is stunning. I know that we have received value for money, a higher quality diamond and setting in comparison to what I had previously researched from traditional franchise stores in NZ.”

Sacha and Sean

“Your focus on the customer is genuine and keeps me coming back again and again.”


“When we finally received the rings we were astounded with the results as the rings meet our every expectation.”

David and Sherry

“While we might not have bought the most expensive diamonds in the shop we were treated as if we did.”

Damon and Anna

“You really made this whole experience not only extremely easy but thoroughly enjoyable for both of us. We are so happy to have found such an amazing person to work with...”

Craigen and Jaimee

“She is still getting comments each day on how beautiful the ring looks and it’s a credit to you what a great job you did with the design of it.”

Brendan and Vanessa

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