How To Pair A Unique Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

How To Pair A Unique Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

Finding a wedding band that perfectly matches your engagement ring isn’t always straightforward. Maybe the style of your ring doesn’t seem to coordinate with any of the bands you’ve tried on, or perhaps the shape of the setting means it won’t sit flush against them. It’s a common problem, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you get past it.

Keep it simple

If your engagement ring is a show-stopper, you may struggle to find a wedding band that equals it. In that case, consider moving in the opposite direction with a wedding band that’s deliberately low-key. Contrasting an elaborate engagement ring with a plain band in matching precious metal can be refreshing, and directs the viewer’s attention toward your engagement ring.

Look to the past

Antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings are often hard to pair with modern wedding bands. Those whimsical, one-of-a-kind settings we fall in love with don’t fit neatly against the shape of the wedding band, leaving a gap that a lot of women find awkward. However, part of the reason that old-fashioned rings don’t sit flush is that they were never intended to. Wedding sets that match perfectly are a relatively new idea, and many now-iconic rings were designed without any consideration for how they would pair with others. For example, Queen Victoria’s engagement ring was shaped like a snake!

This famous royal engagement ring was not designed to match the wedding band

Custom wedding bands

Create your dream wedding band from scratch with our custom ring design service. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, a Diamond Shop consultant will help you create a band that fits your finger perfectly and sits completely flush against your engagement ring. What’s more, the details of your custom wedding band can be matched against those on your engagement ring, reflecting features like diamond size, placement, and detailing on the band.