Should I surprise her with a ring?

Should I surprise her with a ring?

There’s something extra-romantic about proposing with the perfect diamond ring already in hand. If you’re planning a surprise proposal, the question is whether to take the risk of choosing the ring in advance, or play it safe by collaborating with her on it later.

We say there is no right answer. The perfect proposal is one that fits your significant other’s personality, and who knows that better than you?


Proposing with the ring is the classic, romantic move, and if your partner is the starry eyed type, she may be hoping for exactly that. However, the ring you choose still needs to suit her individual style, which requires a lot of insight. If you’re confident that you know her likes and dislikes - or if she’s dropped a weighty enough hint on the subject - then proposing with the ring could be right for you.


If your partner has more of a cautious nature, or if she simply has unpredictable taste, the wisest course of action may be to let her choose her own ring. But that doesn’t mean writing yourself out of the process. In fact, shopping for an engagement ring together, with an expert on hand to answer questions, quell nerves, and open the champagne, can be a special experience all of its own.  

The Yes Ring

We’re proud to offer a third option, unique to The Diamond Shop. Purchase a loose diamond from our collection of over 26,000 ethically sourced diamonds, and we’ll mount it in a temporary setting, which we call a Yes Ring. Temporary ring settings come in the same beautiful presentation box as our fully set engagement rings, so when the big moment comes, everything looks perfect. After the proposal, she’ll choose her own engagement ring from our range, and we’ll permanently set your diamond in it.  

A temporary ring setting

With a Yes Ring, not only do you have a gorgeous diamond for her to try on in the moment (proving that you’re serious and have excellent taste) - you’ve also set an approximate budget for the cost of the finished ring. That’s because the diamond is the most expensive part of an engagement ring. By choosing a diamond that fits your budget, you set a cap on the maximum price. But she doesn’t need to know that part 🙊