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When you shop for a diamond at The Diamond Shop, you can sort our inventory by what matters most to you: diamond shape, diamond size, diamond quality and price. Our vault is specially curated. Whether this is your first diamond purchase or you’re a seasoned diamond buyer with exact specifications in mind, you’ll find the right diamond here.

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The Aurora Diamond.

Exclusive to The Diamond Shop, we being you the Aurora Diamond.The Aurora Diamond is known for its Enhanced Light Performance. When light enters the diamond, explosions of light and colour give it life, revealing it’s character and beauty. The patented Aurora Cut is an opportunity to move the conversation from rarity (4C’s) to beauty (Light Performance).

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The Yes Ring

Purchase a loose diamond from our collection, and we'll mount it in a temporary setting free of charge. We call it the Yes Ring, and it comes in the same beautiful presentation box as a fully set engagement ring, so you can propose with your perfect diamond, and she can choose her own dream ring. We’re proud to be the only jeweller in New Zealand to offer this unique service.

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Our diamond shapes

As the oldest and most popular of all the diamond shapes, the Round diamond cut has been intensively researched over many years as cutters strive to achieve the most brilliant play of light possible in the stone. This perfectly circular cut is designed to optimise the fire and brilliance of any diamond.
A lengthened version of the Round cut, the Oval cut is highly brilliant and can accentuate fingers by making them appear longer and slimmer. A variety of length-to-width ratios are available, from almost-round to a narrow, highly-pronounced oval.
Cushion or Pillow cut diamonds feature rounded corners and large facets designed to reflect light more brilliantly. Cushion cut diamonds may be square or rectangular, and are a popular choice for antique-style rings.
Traditionally square with pointed corners, the Princess diamond is another very popular cut for engagement rings. Any colour in the diamond is likely to be visible at the corners of a Princess cut stone.
The Pear or Teardrop is a brilliant cut that combines elements of the Marquis and the Round cut. Some of the largest diamonds in history were Pear cut, including the Taylor-Burton diamond. Depending on the length-to-width ratio, it can create a subtle slimming effect on the finger.
The Radiant cut combines the rectangular or square shape of an Emerald cut with the brilliance of the classic Round cut. There are 53-70 facets in a Radiant cut, which create sparkle and highlight the colour of the stone. This makes it a popular choice for fancy coloured diamonds.
Like the Oval, the boat-like shape of a Marquise cut diamond can make fingers look longer and slimmer. This shape also maximises the perceived size of the diamond. If opting for a Marquise cut main diamond, consider pairing it with Round or Pear cut side stones.
The Asscher has a lot in common with the Emerald cut, but is square where the Emerald is rectangular. As with the Emerald, the clarity of the stone becomes very important where this cut is used.
The base or pavilion of an Emerald cut diamond is cut with rectangular facets to create an unusual and elegant appearance. Because this shape is so open, the clarity of the stone takes on even greater importance than it does with most other shapes. Emerald cut diamonds are always rectangular, with diagonally-cut corners.
The romantic Heart cut is essentially a doubled-up Pear cut Different length-to-width ratios will create different styles of heart, from slightly squat to elongated. For a classic love heart shape, opt for a length-to-width ratio from .90 to 1.10. Any colour in the diamond may be visible in the corners of a Heart cut.

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