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Discover the real beauty of lab-grown diamonds

Synonymous with love and ever-lasting union, diamonds have always transcended trends as a classic style statement, becoming treasured pieces that last a lifetime, and beyond. Such is the significance of jewellery, that we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to choose a diamond that truly represents their love story. Which is why we’re proud to offer ethical, lab-grown diamonds as an alternative choice to mined diamonds.

Made of magic...

Lab-grown diamonds are produced in controlled laboratory environments that duplicate the same extraordinary natural processes that create diamonds below the earth. That means lab-grown diamonds are made entirely of the same material as mined diamonds, and are physically, chemically and optically the same. There is nothing synthetic about them. In fact, even gemologists can’t discern between a mined diamond, and a lab-grown diamond. Bright, light and clear, the only differences are where they are sourced, and their price.

...Crafted with meaning

While the diamonds may beproduced using advanced technological processes, the handcrafting of yourjewellery is still done with the meticulous, time-honoured skill and precisionof our in-house master jewellers. This quality and craftsmanship is what our24-year heritage has been built on. So while your dream diamond might start offsomewhere different, the results are the same: a beautiful piece of jewellerythat carries deep meaning and significance.

A more conscious choice

Responsible, conflict-free sourcingmakes lab-grown diamonds a more ethical choice. Natural diamonds are finite innumber, and involve an intensive mining process. While that’s part of whatmakes them so special, it also means they are unsustainable. Lab-grown diamondsare a traceable, sustainable and real choice that does not call on potentially harmful mining practices.

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